About this site

Since its inception in the early 1800’s, people have been fascinated by the photography. Its uses as both a scientific tool and artistic medium soon became apparent to those closest to the invention. Almost immediately after the first daguerreotypes were revealed, the forefathers of photography set up shop to accommodate an influx of families and individuals alike hoping to have perfect replications of their likeness to cherish. A photograph was a precious thing used to commemorate marriages, births, celebrations, and deaths. Many experts believed that the photograph was just a passing fad that would soon fall out of fashion. However, with the passing of time, people continued to utilize the camera as a means of recording history, collecting data, and expressing creativity. Since then, the world of photography has expanded exponentially.

Photography today

Today, photographs are so commonplace that, in some ways, it’s easy to forget the incredible value they once held. Yet, all the same, photography continues to be one of the fastest growing fields around the world. With ever increasing accessibility thanks to innovations such as the smartphone, many people rarely leave the house without some sort of camera in tow. The rise of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have encouraged users young and old alike to get out into the world and share their experiences through imagery. Though individual photographs are no longer as difficult as they once were to produce and replicate, we still use them to communicate with others through telling stories, showing off the places and people we’ve seen, and giving context regarding our day to day lives.

With the escalating influx of photos at an all time high, the prospect of picking up photography as a hobby or profession holds plenty of appeal. But, just as technology in a variety of fields continues to press forward, so has been the case with photographic innovations. Though taking a photograph with an iPhone can be as simple as pressing a button and pointing, more advanced DSLRs allow for much more precise control. Mastering the art takes much more than simply understanding shutter speed and aperture while maintaining a sense basic composition. Tools are constantly being released to further push what’s possible for camera aficionados to capture, and as time passes, cameras themselves have continued to advance.

Our mission

Our goal is to simplify the task of learning the trade. While the best practice possible is to get out into the world with camera in tow, we aim to inform aspiring photographers through informative articles filled with tips, tricks, and guidance necessary to get ahead. Whether you’re seeking out technical advice, ideas on expanding your creative eye, or facts and figures regarding the trade, we have you covered. Although the world of photography can seem intimidating to individuals unfamiliar with the basics, our hope is to act as a resource for photographers at every stage in their career. So, let go of your reservations – read through our collection of lists, reviews, and commentary concerning the state of photography’s past, present, and future.

Happy snapping!