Now and then we can see new photographers that are trying to get their big break in the industry. There will be a lot of struggle, but with patience, they will eventually get the success they are looking for. There are just some things that we need to avoid most especially if we are new in the field. Here are the most obvious mistakes that new sports photographers need to avoid. Check it out.

1.    Stop chimping

In sports photography, your focus should be constant all throughout the game and even after the match has ended. Checking the shots you’ve taken will just keep you out of sync. There is nothing wrong if you want to check the pictures but make sure that you would do that after you have covered the game. You can miss some golden moments while you are browsing the photos.

2.    Don’t use flash

In sports photography, flash is not something that you need to use. You will just end up as the laughing stock of everyone if they can see you using it whether it’s indoors or outdoors. It is because there are already lights available, so you just have to be creative and take advantage of it. Also, the flash of a camera can distract the players, so it is not allowed most of the time.

3.    Refrain from Full Automatic Mode

If you are new in the field, setting up your camera on a full sports automatic mode is usually done. It’s not something wrong, but if you can opt to do it at least half in manual mode, there will be a better chance for you to mix and match the brightness, focus and other components of a picture.

If you can make sure to avoid these three common mistakes, people won’t even know that you are just starting your career in the sports photography industry.